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Online Course Creator

Create lessons and chapters with videos and descriptions and upload worksheets for your students to follow along with. Set requirements and skill levels. Share or sell your course worldwide.

360 point of sale

Online or anywhere in between, sell your retail products, classes, courses, memberships, intro offers, workshops or boot camps. 

Website Smart Forms

Smart forms that integrate with your website allows for your students to fill out all the paper work ahead of time and logs the info to their student profile.

Online Booking

Hosting a webinar or local event allow clients to book and reserve their seats from your website. Set max number of seats available and the length of event. Assign a team member as the provider of the event. 

Want to sell your online course now? Follow the steps below!


Create your PaidToday business account, fill out your business information and connect your free stripe account and add any Team Members to your business.


Select the course creator fill out the overview of the course and add the chapter and lesson descriptions.


Add the course video links to each corresponding lesson from where your videos are hosted (Ex. Youtube, vimeo, ect.).


Set your course price and add it to the marketplace.


Share & promote your course and track your course sales and attendance!

Challenges PaidToday Solves

  • Trying to manage your prospects through your personal phone
  • Not having a website and client portal for your customers
  • Avoiding new technology
  • Not producing or providing contracts to protect you and your clients
  • Trying to track and manage your prospects and their payments with a spreadsheet
  • Losing prospects because you don't respond quickly enough... (We know it's Because you're busy working)
  • Trying to manage your jobs and projects on pieces of paper in a notepad
  • Lacking the confidence to schedule jobs in the future due to not knowing if your previous jobs will be done by then
  • Hand writing/typing up invoices for your clients

Features Tailored For Your Business

Course Creator

Create courses to train your employees, clients, or the general public. 

  • Unlimited course chapters and lessons
  • Upload worksheets for your courses for your students to follow along with
  • Easily edit re-arrange or modify your course as new information becomes available 
  • Optional max course sales limit  
  • Drip Lessons over a period of time (coming soon)
  • View course ratings
  • Offer in app student support via in app messaging, calling, or email 

Online Booking / Editor

Give clients easy ways to book their next class whenever it’s most convenient: through your website, or through the PaidToday app.

  • Allow your customers to claim spots through your website for your daily training events and or one on one appointments
  • Out of the box fully connected appointment scheduling integrated with your website
  • Set # of available spots, set time, set length, assign appointment provider with our appointment/event builder
  • Filled spots are automatically blocked out
  • Full control of available time slots
  • Assign trainers/team members to allocated time slots/event blocks to let them know they are running the event
  • Automatically add customers to your contacts list when they create an appointment or sign up for an event or training with you
  • Client portal for your prospects to log in to and see their transactions/interactions and appointments with your business

Website Creation

  • Drag and drop website and sales funnel builder
  • Use your own domain or a free paidtoday sub-domain
  • Basic and Advanced website drag and drop editor options for building multiple page types
  • Add your appointment/event form to your website, no extra hook up required
  • Installable full website/funnel templates 
  • High ranking SEO out of the box for you pages
  • Smart forms that connect your website submissions to your contacts list & shows you the form data
  • Track where customers are coming from
  • Heat map to see what they are clicking on 
  • Full website traffic reporting
  • Client Portal for your customers to sign in to and see their interactions with you

Project Management

  • Create and add team members or clients to projects for easy collaboration
  • Project completion % tracking
  • Due dates
  • Notifications when project status changes
  • File sharing
  • Installable project templates, got a meal plan, workout plan or grocery list you want to share with your clients?
  • Sellable project templates allows you to monetize your projects

The whole schedule, in one place.

Create a master schedule with every class and every instructor. Then access it whenever you need to, from your desktop, tablet or phone.

  • View whats on the schedule for this month, week or day
  • View your scheduled classes/events that customers have signed up for
  • View and know due dates for all events, appointments, tasks
  • View project tasks that are due
  • Receive notifications ahead of time never miss an appointment
  • 1 Click Google Calendar Integration

Team Member Management 

  • Add/remove team members/employees to your business
  • Set permissions for each team member
  • Assign team members to events, appointments, projects and tasks 
  • Track and view billable appointments, events, or jobs you or your team members have using your calendar

Better record keeping for every client.

Store everything that matters in one simple client profile: visit 

history, past payments, training preferences, contracts and 

waivers, birthdays and more.

  • Send and track estimates, invoices and contracts with your prospects
  • Get in touch with contact through in app messaging, calling, or email
  • Add notes to contacts
  • Assign a team member to be the handler of a contact (acting as the point of contact for this person)
  • Set a status of contact to prospect, lead, or customer
  • Add opportunities to prospects to track and increase your sales
  • Client portal for your prospects to log in to and see their transactions/interactions with your business 


  • Create and send estimates & invoices to your prospects
  • Automated invoice status notifications (phone,mobile & desktop) for you and your prospects - (sent, paid, overdue, void)
  • Secure online payment portal
  • Ratings and reviews of invoices and transactions
  • A read receipt to know when you and your clients have viewed an estimate or invoice
  • Full invoice tracking and reporting
  • Traceable payment receipts

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